While the covid-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation, bringing many benefits to organisations, a more digital world has seen digital threats evolve at an unprecedented rate. According to Harvard Business Review, the amount companies paid to hackers grew by 300% in 2021. Moving into 2022, both Aon and Protiviti highlight cyberattacks and threats among the top 10 risks to organisations. In order to mitigate the risk accompanying digitalisation, organisations must be systematic and devise a centralised, collaborative approach to manage threats and minimise vulnerabilities. In this webinar, Diligent partner with award-winning cybersecurity talk show, teissTalk to deliver a panel of experts where topics for discussion will include: • Educating C-Suite colleagues on their responsibilities and liabilities • How best to articulate risks, costs and benefits of security functions against Ransomware • Gaining buy-in for security as a business enabler, delivering a competitive advantage

  • Datum: 27/01/2022 16:00
  • Plaats: Online Evenement