Bestuurder bij Women on Board

Women on Board mission Women on Board is a non-profit association dedicated to promoting female access to directorship roles within Belgian enterprises (public and private). Set up in December 2009 as a non-profit organization, Women on Board continues to work on its primary goals: 

• to increase the number of associate members, i.e. women ready to take up board positions (the talent pool), and 

• to facilitate access to this pool for Belgian enterprises searching for female directors. 

Women on Board vision: MANIFESTO 2020-2025 THREE KEY PROMISES

 • Women on Board offers to help corporates, SME’s and NGO’s build genderdiverse boards. Women on Board counts 300 talented ladies ready for board positions, starting from C-Level experience to skillsets that vary from Financial, Digital, Strategy, Transformation, Science to People and many more. If you are looking for board members or advisory board members, we can connect you to these talents 

• Gender diverse boards contribute to better performing companies and organisations Many types of research have demonstrated that gender-diverse boards are better performant, respect the equality of talents and are role models of inclusivity. As such, better performant organisations are more competitive and help the economy grow stronger. Women on Board supports the current targets to have 33 or 40 % women on boards, but aims higher and believes that boards with a 50 % gender composition will be the future normal 

• Gender diverse boards are a leverage to engage for a better future Organisations with gender-diverse boards are believed to generate added value on strong long-term vision, sustainability and considering the impact of the climate, next to good relations with social partners and having a clear diversity policy. These qualities are exactly the most top of mind challenges for boards and for society as a whole and cornerstones of the European Green Deal.

In figures

Women on Board counts 300 associate members, 60 supportive members, about 40 searches for directorship positions per year, 6 to 8 events per year on topics for board agenda, a mentoring program for Women on Track. 

Corporate Partners

Women on Board’s corporate partners (20+) associate their image to this focus on board diversity by co-organising relevant events and financially supporting the organisation. 

An open and interactive ecosystem

Other organizations collaborate with Women on Board: Guberna, BoardCompanions, Executive Search Offices, Insead Alumni, VBO, VOKA, VKW Limburg, Unizo, Euronext, Women in Finance… At most of our events, Women on Board opens its doors to female and male invitees. 

Our Board of directors

The role of the Board is fully in line with the principles of good governance. The Board is currently composed of: Chair Françoise Roels, members: Emmanuèle Attout, François Blondel, Dina De Haeck, Monica De Jonghe, Ingrid Gonnissen, Gaëlle Helsmoortel, Dirk Luyten, Dirk Oosterlinck, Sonja Rottiers, Catherine Rutten, Sylvie Van den Eynde. 

The Board wants to strengthen and diversify its composition and is looking for candidates to replace the members whose mandate is coming to an end. The board starts the process to fill 1 open mandate in 2021 and 3 in 2022. 

What we expect from board members 

The tasks of the board members are to 

• participate to the meetings of the board (4/Y) and the general assembly 

• participate on a regular basis to the events organised 

• strengthen the external image of Women on Board 

• steer one of the Women on Board’s projects 

• boost the mission of Women on Board and attract members, corporate partners, companies looking for candidates for their board

• be a sounding board for the general manager 

Profile of the candidates 

We are looking for candidates with 

• an engagement for the mission of Women on Board 

• a broad business network of Chairs and CEO’s of organizations, institutions and decision makers 

• a team player mentality and a serving attitude 

• demonstrated results in the field of diversity 

• an active professional executive or non-executive function 

• experience as a board member 

The board mandate is not remunerated

Appointment process 

You can send your cv with motivation letter to with the general manager in cc, before 10 May 2021. The Nomination Committee will prepare the short list for the board who will propos